Graphic designer

You must have:

  • Indesign and Illustrator skills
  • Creative flair, originality and a strong visual sense
  • Confidence, to present and explain ideas to clients and colleagues

Your input is required for a number of products and activities, including:

  • Bids / FRPs and Tenders return documents
  • books and magazines
  • corporate identity – to give organisations a visual ‘brand’
  • advertising
  • websites
  • exhibitions and displays

Tasks are likely to include:

  • Finding out about the project requirements (taking a ‘brief’)
  • Estimating the time the project will require, and providing a cost quotation
  • Coming up with design concepts that fit the client’s needs
  • Presenting options for design treatments
  • Creating final designs, working to a deadline and budget
  • Amending designs according to the clients’ final comments
  • Proofreading and preparing designs to be sent to print.