What we do.

We win bids. We are bidding professionals and we have won over £5.75 (~$7.56)billion in bids since 2008.

Why we do it.

In the early 00’s we fell into bid management – we won’t pretend that there was a strategic plan – it was all quite random.

We won six major bids in a row and thought, “how hard can it be?” We lost the next three bids and realized that it was ridiculously hard.

To win systematically we needed foolproof systems, processes and amazing people. We are now working with PLC’s, Fortune 500’s and VC backed start-ups globally. We win way over 80% of what we bid, almost 100% of our clients come back after their first bid with us and we are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to keep our clients ahead of their competition.

Shine Bid were exceptional. They made all of the difference to us winning the £330million Wessex Framework Contract. They were passionate, determined and have a system that beats anything that I have ever seen in bidding.

Learn how to bid like us.

Working with some of the worlds biggest companies, against the toughest competition, we have a tried and tested approach that delivers consistent wins for your business, takes the mystery out of how to do it and turns your team into a winning machine.

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The Team.

Our bidding experts have racked up over a hundred years in bidding and have led bid teams on some of the most significant procurement routes, iconic projects and developments of our time.

They embody our values and are driven tirelessly to win. This team are your partners in growth. They will dedicate themselves to you, your bid and your wider team. They will charm you, challenge you, sometimes amuse you and will most definitely stretch you to get winning results. Email them to find out more – they won’t bite …well, some of them.