Airbnb call centre

This bid had to show that an underdog smaller company could compete. We had two weeks to understand the complexities of running a call centre, facilitate workshops in Ireland to gather all required information and finally direct the authors to produce an outstanding bid. Which they did.

  • Client: Voxpro
  • Sector: Professional Services
  • Stage: RFP
  • Value: Confidential
  • Status: Won

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Legal Aid Agency (LAA)

  • Client: Confidential
  • Sector: Professional Services
  • Stage: Full bid management
  • Value: 100% of our client's turnover
  • Status: Won
Case Study 8th April 2016
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Major Regeneration Project

  • Client: Countryside and Home Group (JV)
  • Sector: Build Environment
  • Stage: Interviews & Presentation
  • Value: £150million
  • Status: Won
Case Study 25th April 2016
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National framework

  • Client: Major construction firm
  • Sector: Built Environment
  • Stage: Full bid support
  • Value: £1.5billion
  • Status: Won
Case Study 18th April 2016