A lot of our client’s specialise in supporting hyper growth companies and Hudl certainly fit the bill. As part of our wider bid management role, we also helped one of our clients to develop a unique bid brand for this rapidly expanding sports technology company. The campaign needed to showcase their key win themes of accuracy, hitting the ground running and high staff retention. Hudl analyse data from sports videos for amateur coaches, so supreme accuracy of our client’s team and offer was their overarching ‘Big Sell’, along with being one step ahead of the competition due to the pre-existing relationship. We made sure their submission embodied the company culture of being passionately immersed in sport too, designing a full pitch presentation and three RFP concepts. The final design was produced as a hardback, full colour document for print and digital submission.

  • Sector: Sports
  • Stage: Branding
  • Value: $20m+ p/a

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