Military Airbase

Shine worked to secure an £82.5m contract to build engineering and training facilities in readiness for the arrival of the UK’s first F-35 Lightning II aircraft in 2018. The Executive Summary was crucial for such a complex and large-scale bid document, which totalled over 3,000 pages of highly technical information. This front-end summary was our shop window. The key topics covered were compliance, security, commercial strategy, team structure and their unique approach to design development. The bid was a success, and BAE systems provided feedback that it was the best submission they had ever seen for any of their RFPs.

  • Client: Major construction firm
  • Sector: Build Environment
  • Stage: ISOS
  • Value: £85million
  • Status: Won

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  • Client: Major construction firm
  • Sector: Built Environment
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Case Study 18th April 2016