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Are you already bidding on large contracts and looking for support to produce the best submission possible?

With years of experience and over £8.95 (~$11.7) billion of work won in the last 9 years. We have expert bid strategists; writers, managers and designers ready to work with you and support your teams to generate winning bids.

We create winning bids. By gathering invaluable intel, strategising, innovating, designing, managing and creating bid and tender proposals, we ensure that you are best placed to win the business you need. Our team of bidding experts are tenacious, consistent winners with vast bidding skills. They will work with you to help increase your success by enhancing your existing capabilities and generating a confident and compelling winning bid.

The secret to our success? The Shine Bid Masterplan©.

Our Shine Bid Masterplan© ensures we are constantly building on our £8.95 (~$11.7) billion value of bid wins.

Deliver a win

ico-pi Bid Intelligence

Bid Intelligence

Bid Intelligence helps you to understand your customer and their drivers. And without it – you’ll lose the bid.

We’ll research and gather bid intelligence about the project, the client and their drivers and concerns. From the key people behind the decision to the competition, supply chain and key market considerations. Shine Bid will produce an intelligence report analyses what all of this information means for your project and how it should inform your bid strategy.

Armed with intelligence you’ll also be more aware of the competition and the strategies they might use. And you’ll be in a better position to make sure your bid exceeds your customer’s expectations and strongly differentiates you from your competitors.

ico-ws Win Strategy

Win Strategy

Having a robust win strategy is critical. It gives your bid the necessary vision, purpose and focus to win. Our win strategy workshop will help you to:

  • Share project and client intelligence and capture additional input from the team
  • Develop the bid win themes and bid strategy
  • Review it against client needs

We use the output of the workshop to produce a bid strategy that will make sure your bid goes in a winning direction from the start.

ico-i Solution Development

Solution Development

Our innovation workshops support your team to develop new thinking and approaches to key challenges.

Whether it’s one small step or one giant leap – departing from the norm is what we do and we’ll show you how to do it too.

Shine Bid will help you to challenge your usual approach with action-packed innovation workshops that will inspire your bid team to create the best solutions on the table. Or the wall. Or the ceiling.

ico-b Branding


Design and packaging are sometimes seen as the icing on the cake. Tell that to Coca-Cola. They’ve been selling brown fizzy water to billions of people for nearly 130 years.

What’s on the outside creates an impression of what’s on the inside. Good graphic communication can make all of the difference.

Based on your strategy workshop, we’ll design a proposal brand for you including style, concept and strapline. Your branding will create a whole set of associations rooted in your strategy, making your bid stand out in every way.

ico-sum Setup & Management

Set up & Management

Bids need systems and structure to keep everything on track. They help you develop the bid and make sure everyone works to plan.

Shine Bid has tried and trusted tools and systems that we use for every client. We know they work because they win.

These tools help us to manage your bids efficiently.

From kick-off session structure to email discipline – the way we organise bids and tenders gives you a smooth process for even the most challenging and complex of bids.

ico-fce Formal Client Engagement

Formal Client Engagement

Formal client engagement is where it can all go wrong.

Shine Bid dialogue preparation workshops help you make the right impression at competitive dialogue stage and teach you how to gather the feedback you need to shape your offer.

As well as coaching you through competitive dialogue, we’ll prepare bespoke materials to support your meetings and put you in a winning position.

Whether that is a brochure, model or bespoke app – we have the creative firepower to make your message is the most compelling that the procurer will hear.

ico-wr Writing & Review

Writing & Review

With more than a million hours of bidding experience between us, our bid writers help you choose what to put in your bid and what to leave out.

We’ll use our tried and trusted methodology to make sure your bid is compliant. But it’s not just compliance that will win you the contract.

Whether it’s answer planning templates or our full copywriting service, adding some Shine Bid gives you just the right amount of process, originality and daring to make you fabulously unique and never, ever dull.

ico-p Production


Shine Bid will help you from the start of your bid, giving you a vision of what your final bid or tender will look like.

From creating templates and graphics to formatting your content – our creative team work on your bid document as part of your overall campaign.

Our specialist knowledge includes branding, infographics, photography, models, video, flythrough, sequencing and apps. And all of that clever design will align with your project, your client’s drivers, your brand and your win strategy.

ico-es Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Your bid’s executive summary has the power to sway a decision. And much like a first impression: you only get the chance to do it once.

Whether you want to use it as part of your submission, a document to leave behind at presentation or for future business development, a high-quality executive summary will inform, advertise and set you apart.

Shine Bid’s team of creative firepower produces high-quality executive summaries and brochures that help you communicate your key messages with clarity and conviction.

ico-ip Interviews & Presentations

Interviews & Presentations

This is it. Your moment in the spotlight. It could be a 20-minute pitch or two-hour presentation, but when you stand in front of the client you need to be prepared.

Shine Bid’s interview and presentation coaching concentrates on these vital closing stages.

Our experts deliver presentation and pitch preparation sessions, produce final media and critique dry runs.

With some added Shine Bid polish, you’ll develop a captivating presentation and some practical tips for next time.

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