What we do.

We win bids. We are bidding professionals and we have won over £8.9 (~$11.73)billion in bids since 2008.

We believe in grow or die.

We build business through winning.

We do this by driving peak performance and we don’t follow the rules we create them and we execute to perfection our bid mastery plan.

Just a year ago we dreaded RFPs. We weren't resourced properly to handle them and frankly we sucked. Working with Shine Bid has taught us the art and science of winning bids. They have helped transform our entire marketing and sales strategy and won millions of dollars of business.

Learn how to bid like us.

Working with some of the worlds biggest companies, against the toughest competition, we have a tried and tested approach that delivers consistent wins for your business, takes the mystery out of how to do it and turns your team into a winning machine.

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The Team.

Our bidding experts have racked up over a hundred years in bidding and have led bid teams on some of the most significant procurement routes, iconic projects and developments of our time.

They embody our values and are driven tirelessly to win. This team are your partners in growth. They will dedicate themselves to you, your bid and your wider team. They will charm you, challenge you, sometimes amuse you and will most definitely stretch you to get winning results. Email them to find out more – they won’t bite …well, some of them.